Shipping and Handling $7.99 - Hand crafted by U.S. Veteran

Dan Chase demonstrates Acc-U-Mark 16" Pro

Who Buys Our Tools?

Pro quality - High tech materials

Pro quality - High tech materials

Carbon Fiber Shaft
6061 Aluminum Washer, bezel and compression fitting (adj. model)
80# Pull Neodymium Magnet
10-24 Stainless fasteners
2.8 - 3.6 oz weight
Hand assembled in Montana by a retired Veteran


I bought it over the others because I like the idea of handmade tools and the entrepreneurial spirit of your small company. 

Doug Downs

My husband has already used it and loves it!  Thank you.

Martha McIntosh

Absolutely love the 18” keeps it all uniform and perfect for the wood stove.

Evan VandenLangenberg

I was just able to use my new 16” Acc-U-Mark today for the first time and I just want to say I love it. Thank you for making such a great product.

Ricky Conley

This is an AWESOME accessory. I tried the one that squirts paint, yours is light years ahead of that one..  I use it every time I’m cutting firewood, which is @ the rate of 20 cords per year..

Dan Tabler only took one time for my wife to have problems putting a log that was cut just a little too long, that she said “GET THIS Device, & don’t get a cheap one!!!  

Jay Cash

Quick processing and a great quality product!!! Was nice doing business with you, Dan!

Mark Ferrell

I got one. I really like it. Way better than tape and spray paint.

Matt Thompson

My 18” Acc-U-Mark is so light I don’t even feel it.

Mark Krotzer