SHIPPING $7.49 - Hand crafted by U.S. Veteran

Dan Chase demonstrates Acc-U-Mark 16" Pro

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Pro quality - High tech materials

Pro quality - High tech materials

Carbon Fiber Shaft
6061 Aluminum Washer, bezel and compression fitting (adj. model)
80# Pull Neodymium Magnet
10-24 Stainless fasteners
2.8 - 3.6 oz weight
Hand assembled in Montana by a retired Veteran


This is an AWESOME accessory. I tried the one that squirts paint, yours is light years ahead of that one..  I use it every time I’m cutting firewood, which is @ the rate of 20 cords per year..

Dan Tabler

My husband has already used it and loves it!  Thank you.

Martha McIntosh

I bought it over the others because I like the idea of handmade tools and the entrepreneurial spirit of your small company. 

Doug Downs only took one time for my wife to have problems putting a log that was cut just a little too long, that she said “GET THIS Device, & don’t get a cheap one!!!  

Jay Cash